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(ˈmāvən) noun

  • an expert or connoisseur
  • see also; the premier Fixed Base Operation (FBO) at Oakland County Airport (KPTK)

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Inspired by the very definition of Maven, our expertise is the result of a lifetime’s passion for aviation excellence. Founded by owner and pilot Stephen R. Polk, Maven by Midfield™ is the natural extension of Polk’s business aviation hangar complex at KPTK, Midfield Management. Situated on our 13-acre campus, and offering some 76,000 square feet of hangar space across four private hangar facilities, Midfield Management, along with sister company Maven by Midfield™, offers the perfect combination for the discerning business and general aviation customers to the Metro Detroit area.


When’s the last time your aircraft was handled by an FBO with an experienced team with brand new equipment?

While Maven by Midfield™ is Oakland County International Airport’s newest FBO, the team consists of FBO aviation industry veterans, pilots, or both. Complementing Maven’s experienced team is a newly renovated, warm and spacious FBO terminal, brand new fuel trucks, brand new Ground Support Equipment, and even a brand-new fuel farm.

Did we mention our brand-new deicer? With a 35’ reach, and offering both Type I and Type IV fluid, it can thaw out even the harshest of Michigan winters.

So, what about that name?

If you’ll indulge us, the name Maven is fundamental to who we are as an FBO. Most, if not all definitions of Maven mention the word expert, which by extension carries with the notion of expertise. According to an article entitled “The Making of an Expert” in the Harvard Business Review, real expertise must pass three tests:

“First, it must lead to performance that is consistently superior to that of the expert’s peers. Second, real expertise produces concrete results. Brain surgeons, for example, not only must be skillful with their scalpels but also must have successful outcomes with their patients. A chess player must be able to win matches in tournaments. Finally, true expertise can be replicated and measured in the lab. As the British scientist Lord Kelvin stated, “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” (Harvard Business Review, 2007)

This three-part test of expertise fits us perfectly. Maven by Midfield™ is one of a handful FBOs at Pontiac airport and delivering performance that is consistently superior to our peers fuels our passion for excellence. Likewise, a great performance misses the mark if it doesn’t produce concrete results. Helping our clients succeed through our actions are the results we pursue. Lastly, we view the replication and measurement of expertise simply: Expertise should be the domain of all employees of Maven™ – not just a few experienced hands. By training our employees constantly, and auditing against our safety and service promises, we create a replicable, lasting culture. One that delivers value to you, our customer.

And all this from an FBO?

In Michigan?

You betcha.